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Data: marzec, 21st, 2024

Adam – volunteer

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„This was my second visit to the Viva! Poland Sanctuary in Korabiewice. Both visits were for three weeks.

Apart from some basic work with the dog pens, I spent most of the time in the cat house and walking dogs in sorrounding countryside.

As well as carrying out cleaning in the cat pens I spent some time each morning socialising and playing with the cats. There were still some cats from my previous visit the year before. However it was good to hear found new homes.

I spent the afternoons walking dogs. Some of the older dogs clearly loved their walks and the treats they were given afterwards. The surrounding area was ideal for walking dogs with quiet roads, fields and woods.

I found the staff very helpful and approachable and a number spoke very good English.

I was collected from and taken to Warsaw Airport and taken shopping to supermarkets in nearby towns.

Altogether a fulfilling experience which I would definitely recommend.”

Adam helped at the Shelter in November 2023

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