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"This is normal, they are used to it" - the second life of new born pigs

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[June 2016, Korabiewice, Poland, author: Monika Bukowska]

At night, a farmer living two houses away gives us a call alarmed that there is something wrong happening to his hog. I looked at Carolina without knowing what to do - after all, he is raising this pig to be killed and is there a worse way to die than in a slaughterhouse? “if you dont help me I will put IT inside by myself” we hear and we freeze.

IT turned out to be her uterus, which fell out the next day after the delivery – according to her owner - “in the second half of a football game”.

We can`t leave her suffering like that, so we call our vet and rush to help. A beautiful house, garden, flowers everywhere and in the back – a large barn and a pigpen. We enter and right from the start we are overwhelmed by the suffering hidden in those walls. Farrowing crates and inside them there they are: scared, dirty, pregnant and waiting for whatever their master decides to do with them.

Crates are stuffed tightly so I follow the vet step by step and see something that I will never forget. I wish I could.
A huge hog is lying on her side, squealing of pain, her kids are running around, some of them try to suck her breasts, and behind - her bloody uterus, with thousand of feeding flies.

The situation is bad, we need a lot of hot water – I hear and I’m about to witness a practice carried out in these cases. A cleaned uterus stuffed back inside.
The hog is writhing in agony, trying to get up, her kids are in panic, the rest of pigs in their stalls try to be invisible or fight with bars to escape from what is about to happen.

At some point, some intestines fall out along with uterus and than it`s done. Finally. I wanted her to pass away as soon as possible, so she is not tortured anymore and she can run far away.
The farmer is angry and sad because a “piece” is going to be wasted. One day old piglets are another waste because they will not survive - so they are “garbage”. He tries to negotiate to get her up so her meat does not get wasted. We insist that in such conditions the only option is euthanasia and nothing else.

He argues – it’s normal that in such cases you bind the “guts” with a twine and stuff them back inside so a hog can survive and feed piglets for two more days to give them a chance to stay alive.
And you won`t loose too much money.

I cant believe what I am hearing, it’s not a factory farming but one that people mavel at - beautiful village, flowers and stuff like that. Small farm, family business. And it`s such a horror.

- If you did it it would be a torture for her, all of her organs would inflammate and she would die suffering.
- That’s the way it is. It`s normal for pigs, They are used to it. - he answered.

Obviously, the pig was euthanised but even that didn`t go easily, although it was a blessing in comparison to what was initially planned for her.
Her maternal instinct is all that counts now, she wants to be with kids, to save them, she fights, gets up, roars. We don`t know anymore how much of it is a physical pain and how much of a grief and mental suffering.

Her kids run around in panic - some fell into drain grates, I catch them and block the hole with my foot, I try to pull other from underneath her body, because when she fells she`d crush them.
She dies. At last. No one will torture her, no one will force her to give birth to kids whom someone wants to eat, no one will put her into scalder neither cut her legs for pork jelly. Her tragedy is over.
A devastated farmer is looking at piglets and moaning “I have to pay to utilise hog`s body and this - this is left, I can`t make money of this, it will not survive".

- We are taking them – it’s a split-second decision. - You`ll have less problems - we try to convince him.
- Ok, take them - though there is no point to feed them, they will not survive - we hear.

It doesn’t matter, we will try - we are packing the little ones to a bucket and start to withdraw before he changes his mind. We have 16 piglets, we are getting out of the pigpen and the farmer just can`t get over his loss and even though he doesn`t believe they will survive, he takes 2 piglets out of the bucket and puts them to the only lactescent hog: "she has already too many piglets but maybe if the weaker ones die those two can replace them" - he is smiling with a businessman’s greed.

We almost run to the car to take away the rest of them but suddenly his friend comes to comfort him and the farmer looses his interest in us and leaves us alone.

Its after midnight and we are standing on the street with a bucket full of piglets, covered with blood of their mother. We want to cry but there is no time for it because their lives all of the sudden are in our hands. They`ve got a second chance, a second life.

Photoalbum of the intervention
We need your help. We need it badly if we want these animals to survive and have a happy life. We need at least temporarly an additional worker and we have to build enclosures and houses for them. They will grow and turn into about 300 kilos (600 lbs) strong and smart animals that we have to keep in safe and adequate environment - as close to their needs as possible. And we know how to do it because we already take care of 8 pigs (and 300 other animals)!**

If you want this miracle to continue - support those kids. They were never ment to survive, cheated their fate and now their lives are in your hands.
They need your financial support. We need you to spread the word - to share this story.

What exactly do they need money for? We probably will have to divide piglets into two groups (safer for them and for carers) so:
- fencing - about 3 acres (one acre per group of pigs)
- 5 big wooden houses
- medical care, daily care and food
We need around 40 000 zloty, which is 9 000 euro.

What  can YOU do?
1. support us financially
@ Donate on *
@ Donate straight into sanctuary account:
Fundacja Międzynarodowy Ruch na Rzecz Zwierząt - Viva! Oddział Korabiewice (International Voice for Animals – Viva! Foundation)
96-330 Puszcza Mariańska
Korabiewice 11
Bank Pekao S.A.
ul. Czackiego 21/23
00-043, Warszawa, Polska
IBAN: PL73124010401111001066977358
@ PayPal: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie obsługi JavaScript. with note "pigs"

2. try a meatless diet

3. share this story in social media

The second life of pigs u will find on this facebook profiles:

*Fundraising is carried out on Polish and non-Polish website. Why?
Because the money necessary for the new animals in care must be obtained in addition to the funds collected for the ongoing operation of the shelter, ie. approx. 90 000 PLN/zloty monthly.

** Animal Shelter in Korabiewice is managed by the Viva! Foundation since 2012, when it was taken over from its previous owners in a situation of total neglect, what was reflected in the condition of animals.

Vegetarians’ International Voice for Animals – Viva! Foundation is engaged in all kind of actions in order to improve the situation of animals. This objective is carried out through a whole range of activities - from interventions in cases of cruelty to animals and conducting cases in courts against their oppressors through workshops for public institutions to launching large-scale information campaigns to promote ethical treatment of animals.
It also encourages to adopt animals from shelters and fights against humanitarian and unethical practices of companies and individuals.
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